Bess Dickson


At a fork in my life road I stopped and evaluated me: my passions, my particular skill set and my life experiences and thought;
How best to channel these toward world peace?!?

Seriously tho, Why am I besst suited to be your Real Estate professional of choice?

I build.

Memories of weekends helping my parents from an early age as they rehabbed this (and that) Old House served as the baseline of a life long home passion.

Summers of my teen years when I served as part of a construction crew in various parts of the world creating buildings from the ground up. My skill set grew through joy of sweat. Mixing concrete, tieing rebar, laying tile and building a truss…

Building continues be it through volunteering, raising kids, running a family business, relocating as a military spouse. Growing, learning and sharing are all components of a good build.

Besst building principal? Paying forward.